XO Facial


At XO you can expect a carefully curated appointment, specific to your skin care needs. The XO Facialist will address each concern individually, and the face as a whole.

We believe this leads to personalized results and the ultimate customized facial. Our leading edge/innovative technology and extensive education allows us to address your skin including, but not limited to: lifting, tightening, clarity, stray hairs, fine lines, scarring, hyperpigmentation (hormonal, post inflammatory), dull and/or texture.

Each face, lifestyle and genetic predisposition makes you unique. No cookie cutter treatments here. Bailee and Maliyah believe in direct communication, simple skincare routines and life style minded treatments. We want you to look your very best and have confidence in everything you do. Our goal is to give you bright, juicy, glowy skin so you can go conquer the world with self assurance!

Appointment Time

1 Hour



Recovery Time

The remainder of the day.

Pain Level



Begin to see results after your first treatment.



Number of Treatments Recommended

Book a facial every 4-6 weeks as maintenance.


306 1st Street SW
Calgary, AB
T2R 0V7

Mon - Fri, 10am - 6pm
Weekends, by appointment