XOX was designed to give skin more volume, bounce back and smoothness. Think of it like a small pause in time, a once or twice a year maintenance to keep skin thick and juicy.
Oligopeptides and polypeptides are building blocks to proteins like collagen and elastin. There are many powerful combinations that are very useful to enhancing skin firmness, thickness, and rejuvenation. Skin penetration and peptide stability are common issues impeding their benefits.
The XOX addresses these issues by using a YSGG (2790 nm wavelength) to help enhance penetration of a modern peptide complex. A customized peptide complex is compounded the morning of your treatment in our onsite lab. You will be given 5 days worth of your serum to use at home with instructions.
You may experience 3 to 5 days of mild redness, mild sunburned feeling and sensitive skin while the epidermis heals and the active peptides absorb.

This treatment will be done on a Thursday or Friday, giving you the weekend to ‘recover’. You will be sent home with your custom peptide complex, healing barrier moisturizer and mineral sunscreen to apply for 5 days. (Included in treatment).

Appointment Time

2 Hours



Recovery Time

12-16 Days.

You will experience erathima and edema following the service for up to 7 days. You will need more than a weekend to recover, and probably won't leave the house for at least 1 week.

Pain Level



Results after 1 treatment.



Number of Treatments Recommended

2-3, depending on desired results.


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